Illustration Services For The Children’s Book Market, Publishing, Corporate, Packaging,  Textbooks, and Web 

Whether your end-use is print, digital, multi-media, or somewhere in-between I’m happy to help get you where you’d like to go visually. I provide finished illustration made to suit all media formats delivered digitally to your in-box, or made available for download.

From children’s book authors and publishers, to editors, art directors, corporate interests, and private parties, if you’ve got a story or message you’d like to share I’m interested in hearing more. Feel free to contact me here.

Areas of Specialization Include

Children’s Book Illustrator, Picture Book Illustrator

Textbook Illustrator, Textbook Illustration

Illustration For Packaging and Games

Spot Illustration For Publishing – Newspapers, Magazines

Logo Development, Stylized Logo Treatments

Cartoons, Comic Strips For Print and Web

Character Development