Between The Chairs (62,000 Word Humor Novel)


Project Summary:

Buried seven deep in a family of eight, and surrounded as far as he can see in all directions by the cookie-cutter streets of planned suburbia, young Andrew sits every night at a table that was sold to his parents with only six chairs, and so he takes his meals on a stool wedged between luckier siblings who outrank him … always yearning for more … always quietly plotting his next move.

Life’s not always easy when you’re struggling for survival deep in the family trenches, but he has a plan to not only make a name for himself once-and-for-all, but to gain the attention of NASA itself when he flies a simple drugstore variety kite high above the clouds and into the record-breaking stratosphere.

Naturally, when he daydreams about the glowing aftermath of such a feat it’s filled with unmarked government sedans pulling in front of his house to ask him how he pulled it off, frenzied local media scrambling to cover the achievement, and ticker tape parades, but the real truth is he’d settle for just being noticed in his own home.

There’s just one problem. He’s one day shy of his eighth birthday, totally broke, kite-less, and his only hope lies in the belief that his parents will actually come through on his birthday wish for an ordinary kite with just one small twist, an extra ball of string to go with it. Not just any ball of string mind you. Something BIG. Something industrial, something to match his ambitious plans to conquer the sky and finally carve an identity for himself.

A mix of first-person narration interrupted by the constant indignities of life at the bottom of a family totem pole, Between The Chairs is a 62,000 word humorous novel very much in the spirit of David Sedaris and the classic holiday movie, A Christmas Story, were they poured into a blender and then illustrated with comic strip interludes and diagrams throughout. The end results, of course, all being served by an overly serious eight-year old as he self-reports his world to you and struggles to find that elusive seat at his own dinner table and in life.


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